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Fridge not cold but freezer ok?

While it seems unusual that the freezer would be working as normal when the fridge part is not, this is actually a very common scenario.

The fridge and freezer sections of a frost-free* (see below for the definition of ‘frost-free’) refrigerator work together whereby the freezer section produces all of the cold air then a fan at the back of the freezer blows the cold air into the fridge as it is needed to keep the fridge section cold.

There are many parts involved in this process such as the fan to blow the cold air into the fridge and a thermostat that determines when the fridge needs more cold air and many others. If any of these parts fail, the freezer will continue to work as it should but the fridge will not receive the cold
air therefore will not stay cold.

*A ‘frost free’ (also called auto-defrost or no-frost) fridge/freezer combination is the most common type of refrigerator on the market these days. ‘Frost-free’ refers to the fact that ice does not build up on the walls of the freezer. This is due to a small heater that turns on when needed to melt the ice that has formed around the coils at the back of the freezer. This means you do not have to manually defrost the freezer regularly as you do with older style, non ‘frost-free’ fridges.

At The Fridge Guy we provide a free, no obligation over the phone diagnosis service where we can help you determine which part is most likely to be responsible for the fridge not getting cold, and then give you an estimated
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