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why is my fridge door not shutting properly

Fridge Door Not Shutting Properly?

A common misbelief is that when a refrigerator door is not shutting properly, or not staying shut after being closed, the cause is the door seals needing replacement. In actual fact, it is uncommon that the door seals are to blame.

The door seals can be ruled out by doing a visual check around the rubber seals attached to the inside of the door of the fridge (these are known as the ‘door seals’ or ‘seals’ for short). Pay attention in particular to the bottom of the door seal closest to the floor where the most damage occurs. If there are no major chunks missing from the rubber, and the seals have not come loose from the door, they are most likely not the cause.

If the seals are in good condition you will feel a slight suction when opening and closing the refrigerator door.

In some cases one door will ‘pop’ open as the other is closed, if this happens try adjusting the front of the fridge up so it leans back slightly, encouraging the doors to close more solidly.

Of course, in some cases the door seals do need replacing (such as if there are chunks missing, they are brittle or visibly damaged) but the more likely culprits of a fridge door not shutting properly is the door plastic failing at the point it sits on the hinge.

Over time, it is very common for these plastic parts of the door to break due to the heavy weight of the refrigerator door and the decreasing strength of the plastic as it ages.

You will most likely see small pieces of broken plastic at the bottom of the door if this is the case in most cases we can repair this for you by taking your refrigerator back to our workshop.

After asking you a few questions over the phone, our team will most likely be able to advise you if your door is repairable. Call us on 1300 133 307 to speak to one of our friendly team members now.