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Why Is My Fridge Leaking Water?

Leaking water from a fridge after pooling on the inside is one of the most common problems we encounter here at The Fridge Guy.

The problem is unlikely to resolve itself, and if left untreated water can damage the electrical components underneath the refrigerator. Luckily, the problem is easy to fix in most cases. And the problem is usually preventable if you know what to avoid. Read below to learn more.


What Causes a Refrigerator to Leak Water?

By far, the most common cause is a blockage in the drainage system.

The drainage system is a series of small tubes that carry condensation and water from the inside of the refrigerator or freezer to the drip-tray underneath the unit. If the drainage system becomes blocked, the tubes cannot carry the condensation and water away therefore water begins to pool inside the refrigerator at the back. The water eventually leaks out into the bottom the fridge then escapes out through the door and onto the floor.

Usually the tubes become blocked because crumbs and other food particles have fallen into the drainage system.

In many refrigerators, the entrance to the drainage system is located just behind the shelves which means it is very easy for small pieces of food to fall from the back of the shelves and down into the tubes. We recommend keeping shelves clean and crumb-free to avoid this from occurring. Most shelves are also fitted with a ‘lip’ on the back to prevent food falling off.
Further, In cyclic fridges, there is a cooling plate located behind the shelves which freezes and de-frosts (melts) in cycles. When the plate is frozen, food can easily become stuck to it. Then when the plate de-frosts, the food that was stuck to it is carried down into the drainage tubes where it can easily get stuck and cause the blockage.

There are some other less common reasons your fridge could be leaking water such as a broken water-dispenser tube or a leaking water-dispenser bottle.
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How Do I Stop My Fridge Leaking Water?

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You can also read on below for helpful tips regarding this problem:

Cyclic Fridges:

If you have a cyclic fridge and the blockage is close to the entrance of the tube, you may be able to unblock it yourself by gently poking a plastic straw or cable tie (something non-destructible so you don’t damage the plastic tube) into the entrance of the drainage system. You can then test whether this has cleared the blockage by pouring a cup of water down the tube and seeing if it runs away freely.
If the water still pools at the entrance to the tube, the blockage may be further down the system and will require a mechanic to unblock it.

Frost Free Fridges:

Unlike cyclic fridges, in frost-free fridges the entrance to the drainage tube is not easily accessible. Frost-free fridges require a mechanic to disassemble parts of the refrigerator to access the drainage system. This is not something we recommend you attempt yourself due to the risk of damaging the electrical system and other parts within the fridge. There is also a risk of injury should you attempt this yourself.

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