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Welcome to our Melbourne fridge repair blog. Read about the most common faults with refrigerators, freezers and combined fridge-freezer units. We can often diagnose the issue with your appliance on the phone and advise the most cost-effective way forward.

Water pooling in the bottom of a fridge and leaking out through the bottom of the fridge door is a very common problem.

Most of the time, the water build-up is caused by a blocked drain pipe somewhere in the drainage system.

The drainage system is designed to collect the condensation your fridge produces and carry it down into a tray beneath or behind the fridge where it evaporates away.

A blocked drain is usually caused by small food items and crumbs falling into the drainage system through the inside back of the fridge and freezer. Frozen peas are a major culprit due to their small size and tendency to roll
around towards the back of the freezer but really, any small items can cause the issue.

In some cases, depending on the fridge type, you may be able to access the area of the blockage yourself to clear it. However, a more likely scenario is that the blockage is unaccessible without removing parts of the fridge
and electrical components.

It is not recommended that an un-certified person perform this task due to safety reasons as well as the risk of damaging parts of the fridge. To avoid small items falling into the drain pipe, we recommend regularly cleaning out the inside of your fridge and freezer to remove any crumbs and spilled food. We also recommend you seal shut open packets of food so they can not fall out (such as placing a peg over the opening of a packet of
frozen vegetables).

At The Fridge Guy we provide a free, no obligation over the phone diagnosis service where we can help you determine the cause of your leaking water, discover whether you can fix it yourself and then give you an estimated
price for the repair should you need it. Call us on 1300 133 307.